Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snickerdoodle Rolo Cookies

Yes, that's right. Snickerdoodles, with rolos. Baked right inside.


Unfortunately I do not have any decent after photos. Or any after photos where the cookies are right side up and not packaged in tupperware.

Use your favorite snickerdoodle recipe (I looked up a bunch online since this was my first snickerdoodle recipe) and buy a package of mini rolos to stick in the middle. This is important.

Make sure the dough is big enough to wrap around the rolo so it's completely in the middle.

Roll 'em in cinnamon and sugar! Once you bake you'll have lovely snickerdoodles on the outside and gooey caramel and chocolate on the inside. 

They really are decadent. I made these way back for work for Christmas (along with no-fail chocolate chip cookies) and they were very well loved.

I made a lot...

10/10, would bake again. Although you do have to turn them upside down to cool if the bottom of the cookie has some of the rolo sticking out, otherwise you'll be scraping hardened caramel off your cooling rack.

Total Cost: ~$10 (should be less, if you have most of the cookie ingredients already)
Total Time: 1 hour to bake several batches

Note: In this particular post, the photos are courtesy of my phone, which, while awesome and pretty decent at playing camera, is no match for Rich's actual camera. So if the pics look like cell phone pics, it's 'cause they are.

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