Why a food blog?

Because food is delicious and meant to be enjoyed and shared. We started this blog because talking about and sharing food was a big element that brought us together. And it's not just food: it's anything we can fit into our bellies that makes them smile (mmm beer).

Despite the name of this blog, the recipes and other food adventures you'll see here include the vegan-healthy along with the cheese-laden, horribly unhealthy. While Rich may have the metabolism of an 8 year old boy, I don't like to eat like a fat kid for every meal (delicious as it may sound). Everything featured here will be delicious, comes with a seal of approval from us both, and will be as healthy as we can make it. Which might not be very healthy.

Small disclaimer: I'm a bit of a picky eater, which stems from not wanting to eat animals more than any real taste aversion (although I do have a taste aversion to bacon...). Fortunately for me and for variety's sake, Rich will eat just about anything, animal or plant or fungus. But we both hate lima beans, because they're disgusting, so you'll see none of that here.