So, I don't eat a whole lot of meat which, if you knew me when I was 11, might seem weird. Since my early teens I've cut more and more meat sources from my diet until about a year and a half ago when I was down to fish and the occasional bird, when I discovered the awesome seafood eco-ratings from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and decided to act responsibly with my seafood purchasing. I also read a couple books and several articles on responsible meat buying, and decided that I've got to make the right choices if I'm going to be advocating environmental protections and animal welfare.

This means all the meat we feature on this blog, especially fish, is sustainably sourced and/or responsibly raised. I check the EDF website regularly and have the Monterrey Bay Aquarium app on my phone, so it's rare I'll be uninformed about a fish's conservation status. When we cook with other meats they'll be sustainably raised and managed.

Except for when we eat at restaurants. Because sometimes one of us will, ahem, order a burger, and the other will smell it and think how delicious it seems... and sometimes burgers are pretty enough to photograph.