Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Costco Churro

Lunch of champions.

OK, so I didn't make this. But I did buy it and I did eat it and it was delicious, so here it is. My breakfast was kefir milk with strawberries and blackberries and by noon I was starving and polished off my measly salad (with lettuce I don't really care for and a dressing that does a poor job mimicking the one I want but can't find). If I had to sit there the rest of the day thinking about when I would be able to eat next (not for at least five whole hours plus grocery shopping on an empty stomach?) I wouldn't have gotten any work done. 

So on my lunch break I hopped down the road to Costco and spent $1.78 on a churro and a soda. And I was happy. :) 

Hey, this is "we should be fat," right?

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