Sunday, September 23, 2012


No, not that weed. Though they do like the association.

Somewhere on there it says "enjoy legal weed"

Rich and I recently went on a 2,000+ mile road trip up to Oregon. It took us several days to get there because we stopped and saw the families and camped in between, but the trip back to San Diego took us one day. One brutal day of nothing but driving. 

One of the more interesting stops was in Weed, California. We paused to get gas, Rich took a picture of the Weed sign and we bought things that said weed on them. One was a shot glass for my friend as a thank you for housesitting, which said "I <3 Weed,"and the other was this bottle of beer. 

Welcome to Weed, CA

Disappointingly but not surprisingly enough, Weed beer wasn't all that great. For a $4 22oz it wasn't bad to share (with our delicious enchiladas), but I think we both had higher hopes for this beer.

Oh well, it was a novelty idea. 

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