Monday, January 9, 2012

Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sauce

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Pepper, garlic powder and basil

I think it's appropriate that we're starting it off with fish tacos. Because this is arguably one of the most delicious dishes I know how to make. And it photographs quite nicely, too!

My favorite fish to use in tacos is mahi mahi (oh mouthwatering goodness), but it's expensive so I usually use tilapia. This fish in the pictures is haddock, because it was on sale and looked tasty and the guy said it was similar to tilapia.

Bell pepper
White sauce (see bottom)

Mmmm golden whitefish!

There are a bunch of ways you can prepare fish for tacos, and grilling would probably be the most delicious, but I live in an apartment so I use the stove. Most whitefish can be seasoned with pretty much whatever you want because they take on the flavors of whatever you cook with, and generally aren't too fishy. I use a few shakes of garlic powder, peppercorns, basil and maybe a bit of sea salt, squeeze a lime slice over it, then cook it in a very thin layer of olive oil.

Crumbly fish goodness is another reason I use the stove.

Mahi mahi will stay in a firm steak form, but tilapia and haddock crumbles like ground meat. Warm corn tortillas either on the stove (careful: my aunt says you need Mexican hands to do that) or in a microwavable tortilla warmer, my favorite kitchen tool. Spoon your awesome fish into some tortillas and top with cheese (pepper jack cheese is the best) while it's still warm so it melts. Top with chipotle sauce (that recipe is a few scrolls down), chopped tomatoes and bell peppers and, of course, avocado. We throw a few black olives onto the pile, too.

Aaaaaand devour. We go back for seconds. And thirds.

Fish tacos get messy, so as delicious and impressive as they may look they aren't great for first dates. Unless you're like us and you're a pro at eating tacos without making a giant mess.

Chipotle taco sauce:

This is my favorite thing ever. I got it from a cook book my BFF gave me and we modified it a bit for our personal tastes. This is the perfect addition to fish tacos, hands down, and is great for dipping chips, which I also make, but I'll be keeping that tidbit to myself. We'll use it for egg tacos, potato tacos, anything taco, and I'm sure it'll be great on pretty much anything else.

1 cup plain Greek yogurt (you can use mayonnaise, but that's gross)
A few chipotles and like a tablespoon of sauce from a can of chipotles in adobo sauce
1/2 to 1 full bunch of chopped cilantro
Juice from 1 lime
Sea salt

Mix all ingredients together and adjust for your level of spiciness. Chipotles can get spicy. And this sauce gets really spicy if you let it sit for a while. Like, over night.

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